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Arc Length Controller





Functional Description

  • Automatically sets and maintains the Arc Voltage, thus the arc length can be made constant on circular out-of-round welds.
  • Ideal for use on Seam Welding applications where variations in electrode height above the component occur.
  • Ensures constant weld width and penetration.
  • Suitable for use with Pulsed TIG and Plasma applications.
  • Totally enclosed leadscrew.
  • Remote operation option.
  • Maximum lifting capacity 5kg.
  • Simple to set up and use.
  • Programmable Arc Voltage, Pool Delay time and Retract distance


  • Supplied with either a 75mm or 150mm precision slide.
  • Can be used with modern AC weldsets Switchable automatic parking at end of sequence.
  • Fine adjustment of sensitivity control. The rate at which the torch compensates for the variation in arc distance.
  • Adjustable Dead Band to avoid the torch “hunting” during minor changes to Arc Voltage.
  • Push-button control to lock the slide when automatic control is not required.
  • Supplied with Weld Torch Clamp.
  • Manual slide jogging switches mounted on the slide.
  • Integrated limit switches prevent the slide from overtravel.


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