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Automatic Weld Controller







Functional Description

  • A New Fully Automated Weld Controller that is designed for ease of use and dependability.
  • The Controller offers 64 schedule storage of up to 15 levels of weld current, speed and distance.
  • With the option of controls for cold wire feed and Arc Voltage Control.
  • The Weld Controller can be interfaced to many TIG and Plasma weld sets that have an analog input to controller the weld current.
  • It can also be used with turntables, linear slides and welding heads to produce repeatable and reliable welds.
  • Simple to program, the weld controller is a cheap alternative to expensive fully automated welding systems.


  • Easy to use intuitive control structure.
  • Start and finish current levels for total weld control.
  • Peak and background welding currents with pulsing.(Option of wire feed and AVC synchronisation).
  • A wide variety of motor drives available.
  • Set-up function to check weld parameters prior to welding.
  • Safety lockout switch to prevent operators modifying weld parameters.
  • Pre and post purge gas timers.
  • Upslope and downslope controls.
  • Pendant operation.


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