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The InterPulse150 is the first weld set to offer the ability to weld single crystal and difficult to weld alloys such as Inconel 738, 713, MAR-M 247, PK33 and Titanium without a chamber or trailing gas shield.

  • The InterPulse 150, Precision Welding Systems are for producing accurate low current narrow bead welds.
  • Designed to meet the most demanding welding applications in the aerospace and related industries, the unit offers new levels of weld quality and control over the weld process.
  • The use of high frequency pulsing interposed within the pulsed weld current gives the InterPulse its unique characteristic.
  • The benefit of this technique is that increased arc force or penetration is achieved with a lower input current.
  • This allows for improved heat management on critical welds whist still attaining full penetration.
  • Also, when adding filler wire the dilution in the weld pool is reduced with benefits also seen in the final microstructure.
  • This is particularly useful when welding demanding single and directional crystal components.

Controls :

  • Four line backlit display.
  • Keyswitch access to programs prevents accidental erasure of data.
  • Set-up pushbutton allows the weld sequence to run without an arc.
  • Sequence start/stop via weld torch switch, foot pedal or remote input.

The 2 Versions:

Advanced InterPulse

  • Slow pulse on/off
  • 64 Program storage
  • Up to 15 levels of current control
  • Memory module storage
  • Manual/step/timed functions
  • Impact printer
  • Available with or without internal water cooler

Automatic InterPulse

(As Advanced version but with the addition of)

  • Servo output for motorised slide or turntable
  • Set up function
  • Arc Voltage Control (Option)
  • Cold Wire Feeder (Option)

Optional features

  • TCP System. (Tungsten Contamination Preventer)
  • This system provides constant arc length feedback to the welder, providing him with an accurate means to depend upon to prevent the tungsten touching the weld pool.
  • An excellent feature for quality assurance.
  • Also available as a 50 Amp version.
  • Bespoke systems our speciality.

Specification :

Initial Current

0.1- 150 Amps

Main Current

0.1 – 150 Amps

Upslope time

0.0- 20 Seconds

Background Current

0.1 – 150 Amps

Downslope time

0.0- 20 Seconds

Main time

0.01- 5 Seconds

Finish Current

0.1- 150 Amps

Background time

0.01- 5 Seconds

Finish time

0.0- 25 Seconds

InterPulse Current

0.0 – 150 Amps

Pre purge gas

0.0- 100 Seconds

Time per level

0.01- 99.9 Seconds

Post purge gas

0.0- 100 Seconds


3 Phase 415 Volts 50Hz
























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