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M200DC / M200AC/DC (Aluminium Welding)


























The M200DC & M200 ACDC are a general TIG welding machines designed for manual welding of mild and stainless steel. 

  • The M200 ACDC can also be used to weld aluminium.
  • Utilising proven advanced inverter technology for dependable TIG & MMA applications. 
  • The quality arc gives great performance from such low priced
  • machines.
  • These portable welders are designed for use in the aerospace, manufacturing fabrication, pipe work, dairy food & beverage, petro/Chem, shipboard installation & repair, general maintenance & repair industries.
  • The M200DC is supplied with an automatic mains Voltage control allowing it to be plugged into any Voltage supply from 85 to 265 Volts.
  • The M200 ACDC has an option of an integral water cooler.
  • These welders can also be supplied with the welding torch, earth cable, gas hose and torch accessory kit to get you starting to weld quickly.
  • 3 DC TIG Modes: Straight, Pulsed & Spot welding.
  • 5 Memory settings.
  • Optional remote foot pedal.
  • Pre and Post Purge gas timers.
  • Upslope and downslope controls.
  • MMA, Lift TIG (no HF start) and HF TIG start functions.



















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