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CNC Welding Systems

AWT-600 (CNC Interpulse Welding)

AWT-600 is a specialized CNC Welding machine with InterPulse IE1 designed and built for GTCAW welding of Ni super alloys & Ti alloys. AWT-600 produces dramatic cost savings with improved productivity at a fraction of the process time of conventional methods. 


  • Aluminium profile machine structure
  • Pendant-mounted control panel
  • Motor encoders on all axes
  • Digital AC brushless servo drive systems
  • CNC Cartesian Controller
  • Precision wire feed assembly
  • InterPulse / Inverter Welding Power Source
  • Arc Voltage Controller
  • Water Cooled Torch
  • PC Based CNC Controller 4-Axis Motion Controller
  • Travel stork: 600 x 300 x 100 mm
  • X.Y.Z. Axis Cutting Feedrate: 1500mm/min
  • X.Y.Z. Axis Guide way: Linear Guide Way
  • X.Y.Z. Axis Rapid Feedrate: 1500 mm/min
  • Power Supply  12 KVA
  • N.W Weight    600 Kg
  • Machine Dimensions (L x W x H) 1770 x 1110 x 2200 mm