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Series Three

Series Three Welding Lathe
  • For larger jobs our Interfaced Industrial Welding Lathes with distances between centres from 2 metres to 5 metres provide the perfect answer.
  • They utilise either the Standard Model O or the 153mm through bore Hollow Shaft Headstock.
  • The tailstock slides easily and smoothly on recirculating ball bushing running on hardened and ground guides.
  • A free-running carriage carries the weld torch to any desired welding point between headstock and tailstock.
  • This can be motorised to perform linear welds and also be fitted with Wire Feed and/or Arc Voltage Control for automatic welding.
  • The interface enables control to any MIG, TIG or Plasma power source thus providing fully automatic welding circumferential or linear welds.
  • Applications include aircraft components, fire extinguishers, water heater cylinders, submersible pump bodies and many others.
  • Optional roller guides are available to assist in loading and unloading the of parts.
  • Bespoke systems available.
  • Weld Sequence Controller
  • IE160 Automated welder
  • InterPulse 50 narrow bead welder
  • Arc Voltage Controller
  • Pulsed Wire Feeder
  • Weaving Unit
  • Speed range:-
    • Solid Shaft: 0.15 to 3.0 RPM
    • Hollow Shaft: 0.15 to 7.0 RPM
  • Other speed ranges available on request.
  • 400 Amp earth return brush gear with insulated M16 brass stud for connection to the weld set.
  • 150KG weight capacity.
  • Clockwise and counter clockwise rotation control.
  • Complete with 2 or 3-axis Micro Torch Positioner.
  • Can be rapidly repositioned at any location along the length of the lathe and locked into position.
  • Supplied with Weld Torch Clamp.
  • Can be fitted with either a 609mm faceplate, 250mm / 400mm 3-jaw or 4-jaw self centring chuck.
  • Custom tooling also available.
  • Option of Standard, Interfaced, or weldset controller configuration.
  • The weldset controller provides program storage and keyswitch lock, preventing the operator adjusting preset welding parameters.
  • Adjustable sliding tailstock which can be locked in any position along length of bedway.