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Model O – Faceplate diameter 609mm, Vertical load 1500kg

Model O – Faceplate diameter 609mm, Vertical load 1500kg

The Manual and Automated Model O turntables have been designed using proven Instrument Engineering Oxford Turntable frame technology to meet the most demanding production requirements.

  • Suitable for TIG, Plasma and MIG welding applications.
  • Solid Shaft machine comes with provision for a Shield Gas connection and Purge Tube.
  • Hollow shaft version has large 153mm diameter shaft bore, clear through the turntable.
  • Simple to set up and use.
  • Both the Automatic and Manual controls include an LCD Display with 0.01 RPM resolution, which can be set to the required speed before or during a weld cycle.


Manual Model O
  • Designed for manual operation via the front panel switches, foot switch or variable speed foot pedal.


Automatic Model O
  • Can form part of an automatic welding system.
  • For example, as the Headstock of our Series 3 Industrial Welding Lathe.
  • The Automatic option provides outputs to automatically start & stop the weldset, and control both VBC Engineering Cold Wire Feeders & Arc Length Controllers.
  • Incorporated is a Pool Delay timer, Run On timer, a weld distance counter calibrated in degrees and the facility to store 64 different program schedules.
  • Whichever unit you choose, you can be sure of unrivalled performance, reliability and durability from what has become recognised as one of the very best welding turntables available.


  • Speed range:-
    • Solid shaft: 0.1 to 3.0
    • RPM Hollow shaft:0.1 to 6.5 RPM
  • Other speed ranges available upon request.
  • 400 Amp earth return brush gear with insulated M16 brass stud for connection to the weld set.
  • Can be up rated to 600 amp @ 60% duty cycle.
  • Weight capacity:-
    • Solid shaft 1000Kg as a turntable, 500Kg as a headstock.
    • Hollow shaft 1500Kg as a turntable, 750Kg as a Headstock.
  • Clockwise and counter clockwise rotation control.
  • Encoder feedback for accurate closed loop control.
  • Can be fitted with either a 609mm faceplate, a 250mm or 400mm 3-jaw self-centring chuck.
  • The available internal bore diameter is limited to 101mm when fitted with 250mm Chuck.
  • The faceplate has concentrically scribed alignment circles and 4 radial clamping slots.
  • Option of floor-standing 110 degree tilt frame.
  • Option of additional foot switch or variable speed foot pedal (Manual Model O only)
  • Available with Anti-Backlash gears