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Model L - Rotary and Tilt, Faceplate diameter 1600mm, Vertical Load: 500k

Model L - Rotary and Tilt, Faceplate diameter 1600mm, Vertical Load: 500kg

  • 125mm through bore
  • Speed range : 0.001 to 0.130RPM
  • Other speed ranges option available up to 3 RPM
  • Design to be controlled from any VBC IE automatic weld set, or remote foot pedal option
  • 400 Amp earth brush gear as standard
  • 600A and 800A options available
  • Weight capacity : 500kg as a turnable position, 350kg as a headstock orientation
  • Clockwise and counter clockwise rotation control
  • Encoder feedback for accurate closed loop control
  • Can be fitted with either 1 1M, 1.2M or 1.6M faceplate
  • The faceplate has concentrically scribed alignment circles and 4radial clamping slots
  • Motorised tilting mechanism from 0 to 100 degrees controlled from a manual operators pendant with extended lead and utiliseson air braking system to hold the table in position during welding
  • Supplied with bolt down holes and adjustable feet to assist levelling

Design to be used with our IE400 or IE175i automated power source,the model L positioner is fitted with servo motors and minimal backlash gears.This provides a means of welding larger and heavier parts with the accuracy required byhigh end demanding applications


Air Pressure: 6 Bar
Power: 240 volt 13 Amps Single Phase
Machine Dimension:  1600 x 1000 x 1300mm High