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1.2 Meter Diameter

1.2M Diameter


Exiting Methodology
(Forced liquid retention)


Time consuming with average batch taking 2 hours

Average 4 batches processed per 8-hour shift

High processing costs due to intesive labour

Manual Process

Potential for operator error and potential for inconsistency between operators

Reworks often required due to entrapped air causing false indications

Tanks exposed causing potential health & safety risk factors

Uses Ardrox penetrant wetting agents


VBC Degassing Machine


Increased productivity with average batch taking less than 1 minute (120 quicker)

Potential for 160 batches to be processed (40 times more productivity)

Reduced-processing costs, return on investment within under a year

Semi-automated process

Repeatable process satisfying industry quality standards

100% right first time, every time

Contained process reducing Health & safety concerns

Very low running costs per batch cycle, kinder to the environment

Compatible with existing agents.