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Dual Headstock Lathe









Functional Description :

  • For tube to tube pipe welding applications, this system utilises a pneumatic powered sliding headstock to provide to holding pressure between parts.
  • Can be used with MIG, TIG and Plasma applications.
  • Encoder feedback ensures constant weld width and penetration.
  • Both headstocks are driven from a common drive shaft from a single motor.
  • Each headstock can be used with either a conventional or automatically controlled pneumatic chuck.
  • Levelling screw Jacks are fitted making the lathe capable of lifting total combined payload of 2000kg.
  • Bespoke systems available.
  • Designed to be used with the VBC IE 400 power source with the options of :


  • Arc Voltage Controller
  • Pulsed Wire Feeder
  • Weaving Unit
  • Magnetic Arc Deflector


  • Component sizes from 25mm to 115mm outside diameter as standard. Other sizes available
  • Strong fabricated main frame with 250mm between headstocks when fully open.
  • Through beam photoelectric sensors detect the presence of the part at both the entry point to each headstock and the location at the weld position.
  • Pneumatically controlled extending stop ensures that the parts are in the correct position prior to sliding headstock closing the parts together.
  • Sliding arc screen rated at 500Amps with "screen closed" safety switch ensures the operator is protected from the arc.
  • Plough ground rear support structure for mounting the AVC slide and wire feeder motor and spool.
  • Fitted with stainless steel cone shaped chuck protectors to the rear of both turntables.
  • Option of a split Upper and lower frame by four synchronized screw jacks to adjust the operating height


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